About me

Welcome to a new state of mind, my name Is Jordan Presley, I’m the founder of Redesigned Thinking; success coaching built for the culture. My purpose is simple; I want to motivate the masses and show them that they can achieve the unachievable. We all have dreams of becoming successful, but these dreams may seem impossible when facing society. I know this because I was once a victim to society’s predetermined dogmas. It wasn’t until I changed my way of thinking that my life changed. I started my first company at 22 while still in college. My first business was successful enough to gross HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS its first year in business. I did this while being a full-time student and still working a job 40 plus hours a week. On top of all that I faced my biggest challenge of my life with the murder of my sister. Talk about a crazy ass year. My success came from a combination of sacrifice and focusing on one goal. For the longest time, it came down to how bad I wanted to win! Now I own three companies at 24 and plan on continuing my success to impact the world on a bigger than life scale.

My promises!

Growing up I didn’t have much. I’m not going to say I grew up in poverty because I feel that poverty is a state of mind. Even though I came from a single parent household, my mother and grandmother made sure my siblings and I were raised with respect and love. They both showed me the meaning of hard work and sacrifice. Watching them work their asses off turned me into the workaholic/hustle man I am today. I owe both of them everything and made a promise that I wouldn’t let their sacrifice go to waste. I was raised in a place where most middle class and wealthy citizens pray never to go. With that being said, I am a living proof that it is possible to make it out. I’ve seen and been through things that I don’t pray on anyone. Both my father and sister were victims of gang violence. Even though they are no longer here with me today, I still carry them with me in everything that I do. Their legacy will live on and be told through me as long as I live. Redesigned Thinking was created because of their sacrifice. My promise is to share their story to impact lives and the world. With their stories I will show people no matter where you come from you can reach NEW LEVELS!